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I picked up Clinique's Cheek Pop because I wanted a blush that would bring life back into my cheeks while my face is still dull from the winter cold. Clinique and I have a love-hate relationship, so I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this product. I'm happy to say that so far, I've been enjoying this blush!

Product Description
Clinique's website describes their Cheek Pop as a "vibrant yet natural-looking cheek colour that looks virtually powderless. In a silky smooth, stay-true formula with shades for every skin tone. That just-pinched look, simply effortless." So far, I really think the blush stays true to this description.

As you can see here, 01 Ginger is a warm, coraly red color. I'm assuming that Clinique named it as a nod to the shade of pickled gingers, but I actually think it's closer to the color of maguro (the raw tuna you tend to see on sashimi). But I suppose naming the shade "Tuna" or "Raw Fish" would not be very appealing, would it?

01 Ginger  comes is almost the exact color of my natural flushed cheeks right after I exercise, making it very flattering on my NC20-NC25 skin. I think it would be too warm for people with pink undertones, but it's great for anyone with neutral and warm undertones. As far as pigmentation goes, the color intensity is fairly strong, but not to the point where it's difficult to control when applying on the cheeks. To me, this pigmentation is perfect.

Though it is a powder blush, the texture seems powderless. It's so finely milled that I can't detect any powder flecks when I apply it. On the cheeks, it looks like it has a somewhat creamy-yet-satiny finish. It's so easy to blend! As a result, the blush color gives a perfect, "glow-from-within" kind of look. The only problem that people might have with this is that you need a synthetic brush to pick up the powder; using a brush with real hair can't pick up the pigment very well.

This lasts a long time--about 7 hours. Of course, it's the winter, and my blushes tend to last a while when it's cold. I'll give an update during the summer to report whether or not the longevity changes.

Verdict: 4.5 out of 5
I think it seems obvious that I am in love with this blush. I've been using this almost every day and I've been pretty much ignoring my other blushes. If you plan to purchase this, just make sure you are using a synthetic brush; otherwise, you won't be able to pick up the pigment very well.

I purchased my blush at Sephora. You can also purchase it at any Clinique counter.

Have you tried any of Clinique's Cheek Pops? 

FTC statement: This is not a sponsored post. The links provided above are not affiliate links.  I purchased this product with my own money.

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