The Beauty Bib is a personal blog created by me. Though I am a beauty and skincare fanatic, I AM NOT AN EXPERT. I am not a dermatologist, a medical professional, or a certified/licensed aesthetician. The information that I share on The Beauty Bib is based on my experiences and research that I've read. Information that I provide are for general informational purposes only.

This blog will accept forms of cash ads, sponsorships, and other forms of compensation. Because I strongly believe in providing honest information to readers, any ads or sponsored content will be marked clearly as advertisement content and will not reflect my personal opinions. Any compensation that I receive will never impact my content, topics, and posts of this blog. I will not accept offers (i.e., financial compensation) for reviewing products. The Beauty Bib does not guarantee positive or negative reviews.

What are Affiliate Links?
You will notice that some of the links I provide in my blog posts are indicated with something called an "affiliate link." This means that when you click on the URL for a product, I will receive payment or a coupon when you make a purchase through that affiliate link. I will only be compensated when you make a purchase. Of course, you do not need to go through those links to make a purchase; you may also go to other online retailers if you want to buy that specific product.

What is Sponsored Content?
This refers to when a company sends me a product to review. Note that I will never accept offers to get paid to review a product. I want to provide my most honest opinion about the products I review.

You may link to this blog, but you may not plagiarize or take any images from this blog without my consent. Any unauthorized copying, reproduction, or "borrowing" of any of the material is prohibited without the express written permission from The Beauty Bib. You may use the contact form at the bottom of the home page to ask for permission.


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