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Shiseido's Ibuki Eye Correcting Cream is a product that tends to get mixed reviews. I think the effectiveness of the product really depends on the user's skin type and concerns. Fortunately for me, this eye cream worked quite well. In fact, I tried a sample of this product when it first came out, and I enjoyed it so much that I've purchased three tubes of this since then.

If you're thinking of purchasing the Ibuki Eye Correcting Cream and you're still unsure of whether or not it will work for you, read on!

My Skin Type and Skin Concerns
First, it's worth noting what my skin is like. I have combination skin and the area around my eyes is usually not that dry. In the winter, however, my eye area tends to get slightly drier; sometimes, I get dehydration lines if I don't keep it moisturized enough. Aside from occasional dryness, I also am prone to getting puffy eyelids and dark circles, especially when I don't sleep well.

Shiseido Ibuki Eye Correcting Cream's Promises
According to the packaging, has ingredients to help protect the skin's surface from "environmental stressors." It contains vitamin E and Houttuynia Cordata Extract (a type of detoxifying plant) to de-puff the eye area and support "natural cellular metabolism" (whatever the hell that means).  It also promises to lighten up dark circles with its Lempuyang Extract (a type of ginger, which is known to help inhibit the growth of melanoma cells) and a light-enhancing powder. Evidently, Shiseido's claims matched my own interests.

This comes in a plastic tube, which is great if you're worried about dipping your hands into a jar. The tube is also really easy to cut open so that I can get every last drop of this.

Texture and Appearance
The cream is not too thick, though I wouldn't say it's runny either. It's fairly light compared to Shiseido's other eye creams. The cream itself has a subtle peach tint to help brighten up the eye area.

Benefits of the Product
The eye cream was effective in de-puffing my eye area and making my dark circles a lot less noticeable, though I think the brightening under my eyes was more of a superficial effect. But I was very happy about how well it minimized my puffy lids. I think it is a great product to use in the morning after a long night. It also wears fantastically well under concealer, as it does not leave a greasy film around the eyes. I also did not have any adverse reactions (e.g., milia, itchiness, burning) to this at all. In terms of its moisturizing properties, I thought this was sufficient during the day, even in the winter. I've found that this prevents dehydration lines from forming.

Drawbacks of the Product
This is not hydrating enough for me during cold winter nights; usually, I use heavier eye creams before I sleep. I highly doubt this would be effective for someone with dry under-eyes. Also, Shiseido's claims about this protecting against "environmental stressors" is so vague. What does this even mean? There's no way I can test out its effectiveness against such stressors because I feel like this benefit was so poorly defined by the company.

Verdict: 4 out of 5
When I ran out of my first bottle of this eye cream, I really felt like I was missing it badly. It's such a fabulous daytime eye cream for younger people who don't have extremely dry eye areas. If you want an eye cream for the day with some brightening and de-puffing effects, you might enjoy this. But while it wears well under concealer, this won't be hydrating enough for people with extremely dry under-eyes, however. I also do not think this would be effective at all for people looking for something to correct deep-set wrinkles and sagging. I also don't appreciate the lack of clarity in Shiseido's claims about this product. Overall though, it satisfies my needs.

You can purchase Shiseido's Ibuki Eye Correcting Cream from Amazon [Affiliate Link], their official website, Sephora, and at department stores with Shiseido counters.

Hope you found this post helpful. Do share: What is your favorite eye cream and why?

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  1. Ooo this sound perfect for me! I've used their purifying cleanser which was no surprise just as amazing as any cleansers from shiseido brands like Aqua label but I've been eyeing that cream. I personally have a similar skin type except that my skin doesn't change much with the seasons here as it's warm all year round. I mostly get puffiness and darkness when I don't sleep enough either so that's my main concern. I'm definitely keen on trying this!

    1. Hi Sharlynn, thanks for stopping by! If you try this, I hope you have a great experience just like I did!

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