SKIN & HEALTH: How I Prevent Hyperpigmentation

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Due to my Asian heritage, I am highly prone to getting hyperpigmentation, which occurs when my skin overproduces melanin. When I used to get lots of blemishes, they would always leave really ugly dark spots on my skin that took ages to disappear. Nowadays, I worry about getting hyperpigmentation from photosensitivity.

For me, the best way to avoid dark spots is prevention. Here are some of the ways I prevent hyperpigmentation from forming.

1. I protect my skin from sun exposure.  Based on my observations on my own skin, sun exposure elicits sun spots to form and darken my acne scars. Thus, I always use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that blocks both UVB and UVA rays, rain or shine. It is important to apply it even when it is cloudy because clouds do not protect you from UV rays.  Some of my favorite sunscreens include Shiseido's Urban Environment UV Protection Cream, and Kiehl's Super Fluid UV Defense 50+ . Regardless of what sunscreen you use, make sure to reapply it throughout the day, especially if you are exposed to the sun for long periods of time. Unfortunately, using sunscreen does prevent you from getting Vitamin D; however, I get my daily dosage of vitamin D from my diet (specifically from salmon, fortified cereal, and eggs) and supplemental pills.

2. I use a brightening essence or serum. Every night, I use a brightening essence religiously. I'm currently using Mizon's Mela Defense White Capsule Essence (pictured above), which has worked so well for me. This product is the reason why I rarely get any sunspots and my blemishes don't leave nasty marks anymore. I didn't see any lightening effects until 4 weeks of using this product, but I definitely think this is much better as a preventative measure, rather than as something you use when you have a severely dark spot. I also think this is perfect for my sensitive skin because it relies on gentle ingredients like cherry blossom extract to brighten dark spots.I have not gotten any adverse reactions from this. In addition to the brightening benefits, this makes my skin glow and feel soft to the touch. One note I must add is that when selecting brightening treatments, avoid harsh chemicals like hydroquinone and other bleaching agents; though they do work to lighten dark spots, I personally would stay away from these because they are extremely harsh on skin, particularly on sensitive skin.

3. I eat fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C.  I've been eating food rich in vitamin C such as tangerines, kiwis, bell peppers, and spinach. Intaking vitamin C is great for preventing hyperpigmentation because it inhibits your skin from producing too much melanin. Also, Vitamin C in general is just good to have for your overall health (duh!), regardless of whether or not you are prone to getting dark spots.

So tell me: Is hyperpigmentation something that you worry about like I do? Do share!

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