Show Your Hands Some Love! My Hand Care Favorites

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Winter weather can be so unkind to our hands and cuticles. During the winter, my hands get so cracked and dry, especially when it gets down to negative temperatures. So, what are my favorite products I use to treat my hands?
 SHISEIDO Advanced Essential Energy Hand Nourishing Cream, $24 (3.6 oz)
Every time my fingers get scaly from the dry, cold weather, I always use this. A dime-sized amount is enough to moisturize my hands, fingers, and wrists. This absorbs so fast and is really effective at making my skin feel baby soft and making that softness last for hours (even after I wash my hands). In addition, this hand cream makes my dull, winterized hands look brighter. It does not have any greasy residue, which is awesome because I can easily twist doorknobs and open jars without looking like a slippery idiot. It does have a floral fragrance, which can be a problem for people who prefer not to use scented products; however, I find myself coming back to this when my dry hands desperately need some help.

 KIEHL'S Ultimate Strength Hand Salve (affiliate link), $15 (5.0 oz)
Though not as creamy and luxurious as the Shiseido hand cream, this product does an amazing job of keeping my hands moisturized in the cold weather. I recommend trying this product, especially if you don't like perfumed scents in your beauty products. It's not artificially fragranced, though it does have a light and pleasant medicinal scent. I love packing this on flights; because it does not have an offensive scent, I don't feel embarrassed about applying this on planes. This is a great hand cream for men with tough hands who want an effective hand cream that doesn't smell feminine. In fact, my fiancé, my dad, and my uncle all love this product.

 ESSIE Apricot Cuticle Oil (affiliate link), ~$8.50, (0.50 oz)
 I always use this oil every single night and also as my last step when I do my own manicures at home. This keeps my cuticles nice and soft and prevents my cuticles from ripping. It has a very light apricot scent that is pleasant and inoffensive. I applied this one time on my fiance's cuticles, who has the driest hands known to mankind with painful and annoying hangnails. He won't admit this publicly, but this oil really improved the state of his fingers.

Now that I shared my hand care favorites, please feel free to share yours in the comments below!

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